Types of Chopsticks

japanese chopsticks

There are several types of chopsticks that are used around the world. One of the most common types is the traditional Japanese chopsticks, known as “hashi” in Japanese. These chopsticks are typically made from bamboo or wood and are around 9 inches long. They are tapered at one end and have a smooth surface.

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chinese chopsticks

Another type of chopsticks is the Chinese chopsticks, which are similar to Japanese chopsticks but are usually slightly longer, around 10 inches long. They are also made from bamboo or wood but are often thicker and have a rougher surface. Chinese chopsticks are also often square or rectangular in shape, whereas Japanese chopsticks are usually round.

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Reusable chopsticks are also becoming increasingly popular. These chopsticks are often made from materials such as plastic, stainless steel, and even glass. These chopsticks are environmentally friendly as they can be washed and reused multiple times, unlike disposable chopsticks which are used only once. Some reusable chopsticks come with a case for easy storage and can be a great travel companion.

korean chopsticks

A fourth type of chopsticks are the Korean chopsticks, which are known as “sot-dae-guk-gi” in Korean. These chopsticks are usually made of metal and are around 10 inches long. They have a smooth surface and are often plated with silver or gold. They are typically used for special occasions and are often given as gifts to guests.

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Hannibal Crossing Episode 3 – Lake Grits

Here at The Cutlery Review it is our pleasure to sponsor a new youtube cooking show called “Hannibal Crossing” starring Zbigniew Winzig. This short form program features quick and easy gourmet meals for your hiking or camping needs. And of course each episode will feature a piece of cutlery that we have reviewed on our site.

This 3rd episode features these cutlery reviews:

Cutlery Review links: Pink Tiny Whisk – http://thecutleryreview.com/2023/02/16/pink-tiny-whisk/

Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery!

Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery

See that fork in the picture above? Oren Hetzroni made that fork. With his hands! It must be said that Oren Hetzroni makes great wooden cutlery!

Here’s his bio: “My name is Oren, and I carve spoons. I live on a small farm in the center of Israel, where I grew up. While carving has always been a part of my life, spoons have taken over my life thanks to the amazing carving community. I carve spoons or teach spoon carving any chance I get. You may be familiar with my work, and my spoons are the ones with the snail crawling across them or some other animal from my surroundings.”

Spoons, forks, bowl, plates, pipes and all sorts of flatware, Oren Hetzroni hand carves it all! And he teaches others how to carve as well. He has a great Instagram page here. And you can message him to buy his wooden cutlery at his website https://Woodspoon.co.il/

Fortessa Bistro Flatware Set

Fortessa Bistro Flatware Set

Here at the Cutlery Review we are big fans of Fortessa Flatware.

Fortessa tableware is used by over 70% of the Forbes Four and Five-Star Hotels in North America. Fortessa flatware is made from heavyweight 18/10 stainless steel, the highest quality available for flatware. The company Fortessa has a great backstory:

“Some of our happiest memories happen around the table – shared stories, savory meals, warm laughter. And sometimes, as was the case for brothers Scott and Eric Hamberger, devising a plan to follow their entrepreneurial passion and start a family business. So, in 1993 after finding inspiration in the quality and craftsmanship of fine German porcelain, the Hamberger brothers started importing and selling high quality dinnerware direct out of their parents’ garage.”

This new set “Fortessa Bistro” came to our attention recently. It has a simple elegance. Made of 18/10 dishwasher safe stainless steel this 20 piece set includes 4 each of a table fork, salad/dessert fork, table knife, dessert/soup spoon, and a coffee/tea spoon. The design features a banded cuff at the base and top of each handle.

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