The Egg Spoon – For the perfect soft boiled egg

egg spoon

Nothing like a properly soft boiled egg and toast soldiers for breakfast.

And what makes eating that egg in a special egg cup is the very special egg spoon. The egg spoon has a shorter handle and a round and wide tip for getting into the shell and scooping out that delicious eggy-wegg at the very bottom. A normal teaspoon is usually too wide in the bowl and not delicate enough for this procedure. It’s all about the right tool for the right job. Now we do preach here at that you should not have “single purpose tools” in your kitchen and we have found the egg spoon works well for another use. Funnily enough that includes eggs as well, sort of. They make pretty good caviar spoons as well.

 Endurance Egg Spoons Stainless Steel Set of 4



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