Nutella Spreader Revisited – Part 1- The Zyliss Sandwich Knife

My post about the Nutella Spreader from last year generated the most interest by far on this blog. At the time I did some research to find that the Nutella branded knife wasn’t easily available and suggested an alternative. Well it seems people want a different and more suitable knife. Many people had many different reasons they liked the Nutella Spreader so I’ve done some extensive research and will be presenting my findings in 3 parts.

zyliss sandwich knifeThe first today is sticking to a standard steel traditional sandwich knife. The Zyliss Sandwich Knife has a serrated stainless steel blade for cutting and an oval shaped blade for Nutella or other tasty delights that need spreading on your bread. The design fits the inside of the jar nicely. It has a soft touch yellow plastic ergonomic handle which is non-slip. It isn’t stainless steel and probably not very dishwasher friendly but a great cutlery multi-tasker in the kitchen.

 Zyliss Sandwich Knife


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