The Granny Fork – Do you use one?

granny forkDo you use a Granny Fork? Did your Grandmother? I know mine did and Julia Child used one a lot as well.  Also known as a “mashing fork”, “turning fork” or more often a “Foley Fork”. This fork has many uses in the kitchen for the obvious mashing but also stirring, scooping, straining and blending. The tines on the fork are slightly offset to each other that makes it more effective at mixing things up.

This piece of kitchen cutlery would satisfy Alton Brown’s rule of being a multi-tasker indeed. These have been a collectors item in the past as they went out of fashion and manufacture. But now Norpro has the Grip-EZ Granny Fork which is 11.5 inches and has an ergonomic handle. It isn’t dishwasher safe but has the interesting curved and uneven tines.

 Norpro Grip-EZ Granny Fork


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