KitchenAid Architect Pizza Wheel

kitchenaid pizza wheelA while back we did a week of reviews on the various types of pizza cutters. The nice folks at KitchenAid have sent me their new pizza wheel that is part of the Architect Series. The first thing that struck me about this wheel style cutter is the heft and weight, this thing is built for pizzeria kitchen duty. It has a nice ergonomic handle with finger guard and the wheel is made of stainless steel. The handle fits the hand well and has a good angle for downward pressure when cutting. You can cut more than pizza with this, I tried cardboard as well and it didn’t have any problem (no kidding, be careful you don’t cut through a pizza box). It can be disassembled for cleaning but I don’t see the need for that as it’s dishwasher safe.

Pizza Wheel at


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