Fred Party People Chopsticks Utensils

Fred Party People Chopsticks UtensilsChopstick utensils? Chopstick cutlery? Chopstick flatware? I’m not sure what it should be called but it’s a chopstick hybrid of sorts that is for sure.

I like the fact that these chopsticks work well for children and chopstick beginners. This set comes in a colorful set of six with a foam base that could be used for storage (but I wouldn’t recommend it, not food safe).

Being plastic they don’t have the same grip as wood chopsticks so that is a bit of a problem. But here is where they really shine: cooking! They are amazing cooking tongs for flipping and stirring in Teflon pots and pans. That reason alone makes them worth the purchase!

 Fred Party People Chopsticks/Utensils, Set of 6




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