Acrylic Twig Flatware by “Michael Aram Madhouse”

Michael Aram Madhouse Flatware Acrylic TwigPicnics and barbeques, that’s all I can seem to think of this time of year. And it’s a thought on a monday morning to get me through the week, how many days till the next outdoor culinary adventure?

I found this nifty set of disposable cutlery while looking for the metal version. I call this wood cut cutlery. Michael Aram Madhouse brings us this set of twig flatware that I never seen in plastic before (acrylic to be exact). It is a 12 piece set with 3 pieces per person bringing a total of 4 forks, 4 knives, and 4 spoons. Remember, it’s disposable and not dishwasher safe. Perfect to impress at the more “posh” outdoor event you could host.

 Michael Aram Madhouse Flatware Acrylic Twig – Black (12-Piece Set)




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