The Nutella Spife

spife-nutella-utensilNutella is a passion for people that almost borders on being a cult. We have entire category dedicated to Nutella posts. It started with everyone trying to find the perfect Nutella knife that fit the jar nicely.

Well I guess the company heard you all and is now offering a contest (in Canada only at this point) to win your very own Nutella Spife. I have to admit it’s a clever idea but a spoon would only be used for eating Nutella in my opinion and the knife looks a little shaky. I’d consider it a collector’s novelty. You can enter to win this nutty choco cutlery at Addjoy.Nutella.Ca

spreader knife

We still recommend the Wusthof Gourmet 5-Inch Spreader as the more practical option.


One thought on “The Nutella Spife

  1. The spife awarded as a prize by nutella appears as more gimmick than a much needed piece of cutlery. I would appreciate something more efficient in getting around the bumps and curves of a nutella jar. Of course, this could be done with a reconfiguration of the jar. That’s not going to happen, so I’ll be still using a smaller version of a spatula, to get the hard to get places.

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