Spoon Art – Motorcycle by James Rice

spoon motorcycleOK, time for a fun Friday before a long weekend post. Someone sent me this photo of amazing piece of cultural cutlery art. An amazing artist spent a lot of time bending these spoons into an detailed motorcycle artwork piece. Anyone know who did this? I’d really love to give them credit for this flatware find. Let us know in the comments.

Update from reader Jeny:

I know who made the spoon motorcycle! My husband, James Rice, makes them. This is #5 of 7 that he’s finished so far. I made a Facebook page, Everlasting Spoonful, where I share about him, and his work. This month, that sculpture, called “The Wasp” is on display at the Washington State Fair, in the Fine Art Show! He also has another, which took 4th place in sculpture called “The Bagger”. Very cool that you were shown his work, and I hope you find us on Facebook! Thank you so much for sharing! Jeny


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