The Perfect Butter Knife?

The Perfect Butter KnifeWe have covered previously what was claimed to be the World’s Best Butter Knife. Now we have available for sale from Color Cuisine what they are calling The Perfect Butter Knife. So what makes it so perfect? Here’s what they have to say:

  • NO MORE TORN BREAD! The only butter grating spreader that actually works on cold butter right out of the fridge. No more long waits for your butter to warm up, or tearing your toast from trying to spread it cold.
  • THE END OF FUNKY BUTTER! The knife like holes turn butter into thin strands that heat up quickly and spread effortlessly. Don’t let your butter spoil from storing it on the counter anymore.
  • EASY ENOUGH FOR KIDS! Holding the spreader flat produces long tasty strips while holding at an angle creates beautiful curls. Use it to give extra flair to cheese as well.
  • SHARP WHERE YOU WANT IT! The beveled cut-outs give the holes a perfect cutting edge and also make it a breeze to clean.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, this tool is safe for the dishwasher and you never have to worry about it rusting.

Those are some pretty big cutlery claims, but over at Amazon the reviews are pretty good. I’ll let you decide for yourself. As for me, I don’t like butter on my bread, Nutella on the other hand…

The Perfect Butter Knife By Color Cuisine – Grater, Spreader and Slicer All-in-one


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