Spork or Foon?

Spork or Foon?

Ok, we have all heard of Sporks, the classic camping and picnic cutlery. But now we are told in the name of equality we must have a Foon as well. I think it’s a joke?

Splayd Mini Spork Foon

But we did find a Foon for sale from an Australian company called Splayd. It’s the Splayd Mini Spork (Foon). It’s a knife, fork and spoon in one! This is a box of six Foons that are 5.7″ long, formed from 18/8 stainless steel and hand-finished. But wait there’s more! It comes in a luxury velvet presentation box making them the perfect gift or showcase utensil set.

That is pretty flexible flatware indeed.

Splayd Mini Spork (Foon) Set of 6 from Amazon


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