Metal Marks from Cutlery

(Picture: @nanananabeedah)
(Picture: @nanananabeedah)
Bar Keepers Friend

Oh yeah, this is the cutlery hack of cutlery hacks. And we here at The Cutlery Review can assure you this amazingly works as we just cleaned all our plates! All those grey scratches on your white bowls and plates are from your use of a knife, fork and spoon scraping and leaving metal traces. The dishwasher will never get these off and they just build up over time and look horrendous. And the hack that saves the day? Bar Keepers Friend is your kitchen friend. Just a little of this and a cloth and some elbow grease and those scratches will disappear! Oh, and Bar Keepers Friends works well for polishing flatware and glass stove tops.

Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser from Amazon


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