iSi Slim Silicone Spatula – Another Nutella Knife?

For a while there it seems that Nutella posts were our bread and butter. The short of it is that a regular bread knife does not do a great job of scooping from the bottom of jars and spreading on bread or the like. So the hunt for the perfect Nutella knife continues… The latest […]

The Nutella Spife

Nutella is a passion for people that almost borders on being a cult. We have entire category dedicated to Nutella posts. It started with everyone trying to find the perfect Nutella knife that fit the jar nicely. Well I guess the company heard you all and is now offering a contest (in Canada only at […]

Nutella Spoon T-Shirt

Nutella is popular beyond belief around here. It’s so big that there has been consideration about buying this: Ferrero Nutella Made in Italy – Giant Jar 11 lbs. But this kinda cute Nutella spoon t-shirt and a small jar might have to suffice for a Christmas gift this year. Nutella –  Spooning My Boyfriend Crewneck […]