Compostable Cutlery not Composting

According to an article by Capital Public Radio, our compostable cutlery (that we’ve written about before) may not be as recyclable as we thought. The crux of the matter seems to be the definition of terms: “Compostable versus recyclable? What does that mean? Where does it say?” It’s an interesting article that many others on […]

Amuse Bouche Spoon

This is the eighth in our “Different Types of Spoons”  series and it’s time for the “Amuse Bouche Spoon”. The “Amuse Bouche” is a small single bite hors d’oeuvre. The term Amuse Bouche is French and means “mouth amuser”. Therefore a “Amuse Bouche Spoon” is usually a small ceramic or metal spoon that can be […]

Vegware – Disposable Cutlery

Plastic cutlery is making people very angry these days. The production of plastic cutlery uses melamine which caused the pet food poisonings of late. And think about this for a second, this is a one use item that doesn’t break down. Environmental disaster at your picnic! But problem solved thanks to “Vegware” whose cutlery is made from potato […]