Fred and Friends MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons

I played drums in High School and the first thing I noticed about these interesting pieces of musical cutlery is that you would be holding these drumsticks on the wrong end, not a bad thing, just strange. But it you have a drummer who is also a cook then this drumstick spoon set is the […]

Fred’s Salad Snapper Alligator Salad Tongs

Someone complained that our last post about Cymbal Monkey Salad Tongs wasn’t very practical and too loud to let their children use at the dining table. Are these better? They make less noise I would think. And seem to make more of a bite on the salad. Any snarling and snapping alligator noises are not the […]

Fred’s Ting Ting Tongs Cymbal Monkey Salad Tongs

    We have looked at some fun cutlery and gadgets from Fred and Friends. And I have to say when I first saw these Salad Tongs I wasn’t sure what the situation was. But the name “Ting Ting Tongs Cymbal Monkey Salad Tongs Cymbal Smashing Salad Servers” is not only fun to say but […]

Fred and Friends Souper Action Figure Spoon!

The Tick is a super hero who’s battle cry was “Spoon!” and it seems his TV show might be coming back. Now this superhero piece of fun filled cutlery is not related but sure seems to be a lot of fun. “Souper” from Fred and Friends has a fully posable body that is made of […]