Knork Curve Flatware in Matte Silver

Knork has really been creating some great cutlery recently. The curved look of this flatware is pretty funky I must say. And the look of the hand forged 18/0 stainless steel really gives it some character. That knife though, look at the wicked hook in the handle. It looks like a Kukri knife. This is […]

Knork 2 Piece Titanium Serving Set in Black Matte

Yup, black matte cutlery seems to be the color that’s cool this year again. And Knork really seems to have to corner edon that market and boy are they ever selling a lot of flatware. This two piece titanium serving set caught my eye due to the very cool design on the slotted spoon. Although […]

Oprah Winfrey favorite list for 2015 includes Knork Flatware

Every year Oprah Winfrey has her list of favorites and this year it includes the interestingly designed flatware from Knork. We have looked at Knorf’s Knife and Fork combo in a past post, and it’s seems they have dropped focus on the gimmick for a more robust product. The KNORK Titanium 5 Piece Flatware Set as […]

Knork Modern Matte Iced teaspoon

It might be a little early in the season to be thinking about iced beverages. But really, when doesn’t a nice Ice Tea or Mojito hit the spot? Or an Ice Cream Sundae for that matter. Knork is a great cutlery brand and these “Modern Matte Iced Teaspoon” spoons look to be just what you […]