Interview with Corin Mellor

Corin Mellor is the son of the famous David Mellor who some consider the king of cutlery. We certainly do here at The Cutlery Review. brings us a very insightful interview with Corin about growing up as the son of “Britain’s most serious, modest, and greatest postwar product designer”. Here’s a great quote in regards to the […]

David Mellor – “The Cutlery King”

David Rogerson Mellor, (5 October 1930 – 7 May 2009) was an English designer, manufacturer, craftsman and retailer. Known as one of the best-known cutlery designers in Britain if not the world (Britain being the center of the world of flatware), David Mellor specialized in metalwork and especially cutlery, to such an extent that he […]

David Mellor’s Minimal Cutlery

Minimalist design in flatware is where it’s at right now and for good reason. The fancy shmancy silverware days of yore are behind us and we welcome our utilitarian overlords. David Mellor’s “Minimal” is lean and mean. The fork and knife are functional and the design flows. The spoon on the other hand is more […]

Modern methods for making Cutlery – a video demonstation

Last week we looked at a video about how handmade cutlery is created.  This week’s video is from the David Mellor cutlery team. This modern method for creating cutlery still creates a excellent end product. But notice that  no matter how much technology is used you still need skilled craftsmen to create flatware like this. BTW […]