DSNN Iridescent Flatware Set – All colors of the rainbow!

OK, time to admit a secret. This author is actually sitting in Canada right now. It’s nice up here. But there is a problem, is it color or colour? Does it matter? Probably not. But this DSNN Iridescent Flatware Set is all colors of the rainbow! Just look at that photo! A guest has a […]

Berglander Titanium Rainbow Color Plated Stainless Steel Flatware

People LOVE their Rainbow cutlery. Or iridescent flatware. Or whatever you want to call it. It’s colorful and they really go crazy for the stuff. Berglander Titanium Rainbow Color Plated Stainless Steel Flatware is High Quality Titanium Rainbow Color High Temperature Vacuum Plated. That’s a mouthful of words but what it means is that they […]

Cute Cat Cutlery – Rainbow Spoons!

OMG these are super cute rainbow kitten spoons! There are seven spoons in seven colors: rainbow, carbon black, gold, blue, rose gold, silver and violet! Their little arms hang on the the edge of the cup so they don’t fall in and drown 🙂 These kittens are made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel. And […]

Rainbow Mirror Flatware from Cambridge Silversmiths Logan 20 Piece Set

Wow, this Rainbow Cutlery craze is really taking off. People are really going nuts for the iridescent oil slick holographic shimmery anodized look. There were some issues with the early products flaking and losing the color but they seem to have it figured out now. Cambridge Silversmiths states this 18/0 stainless steel set is dishwasher safe and never […]