GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kung Foon

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kung Foon Utensil

Come on! Kung Foon? That’s hilarious! The silly name for this camping cutlery is what initially caught our eye. But then at second glance it was the functionality that really caught us.

The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kung Foon Utensil is a spoon, fork and a set of chopsticks all in one easy to carry package. It’s compact size measures 10.7 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches. The Foon is made of stainless steel (supposedly there is a titanium version but we can’t find it) and the chopsticks are made of bamboo.

I guess you could call it flatpack flatware? The extension by the chopsticks make it great for reaching the bottom of freeze dried meal bags and tall pots.

Great for the backpack or purse for “Bring Your Own Cutlery“!

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kung Foon Utensil from Amazon


MeiNvShe Camping Spork – Survival Cutlery

MeiNvShe Camping Spork

Camping cutlery. Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC). Survival Spork. Many names but in the end they all have the same basic requirements. But sometimes that simple piece of cutlery tries to do more, it wants to be the jack of all trades.

When we go hiking this is the one piece of functional flatware that is always in our pack. It’s a cheap and effective multi-tasker. This is a Rambo Spork.

This is the MeiNvShe Camping Spork Multi-Function Fork Spoon 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Spork.

Fork and spoon design, can be used as cookware.
With bottle opener, it is convenient for you.
Multi-functional, great for outdoor travel.
Within a spoon, fork, bottle opener, Can opener and Sawtooth cutter. Environmental and safe to use.
With buckle, idea for hanging on the bag, key rings.
Perfect small gifts for friends and relatives.
Made of stainless steel, hardness and durable enough.

MeiNvShe Camping Spork Multi-Function Fork Spoon 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Spork from Amazon




Do you recognize this masked man? Perhaps the post title gave it away? There’s something about celebrity cutlery that gets us excited here at the Cutlery Review. Maybe cause we get good feelings that someone on the big screen loves cutlery as much as us. One of us, one of us! OK, maybe not that much. But we like Jason Momoa and we like that he ate at our favorite sushi place when he was in town shooting a movie. But what about the flatware?


“Designed for those who dine on the roam, the So iLL x On The Roam Black Wolf Cutlery Set includes a matte black titanium fork, spork (yeah, we did that), spoon, knife, and a small carabiner to help you keep them all in one place.”

So it looks to be Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC) for eating on the road. The 4 piece set is matte black titanium that comes with a carabiner. Being titanium it is dishwasher safe but that black matte will probably wear away making it look even more rugged and road worthy. And it has a tattoo! A engraved triangular tattoo pattern and On The Roam logo. So it’s basically Jason Momoa in cutlery form. We are good with that.

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Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set: 8 Pieces Silver

Another example of BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) which is really the booming market we all thought it would become.

The Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set is an 8-piece portable cutlery set includes a dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, chopsticks, straw cleaning brush, straight straw, bent straw, carrying case.

“Our silverware is crafted from good quality stainless steel; You’ll never have to worry about the knives struggling to cut, the spoons bending as you chow away, or the prongs of the forks curling out of shape as others do. Suitable for everyday use or special occasions, the stainless-steel flatware offers eye-catching good looks, whether setting a table for brunch or dinner with friends. Note: Please clean it in time after use to better prevent rust.”

The cutlery has thick stainless steel non-slip handles and the chopsticks have a anti-slip design to prevent the embarrassment of dropping food. Equipped with a stainless steel cleaning brush, the size is designed to fit the straw.

This modern stainless steel flatware set is of course dishwasher safe.

Cliusnra Stainless Steel Flatware Set from Amazon