Boneware Skeleton Halloween Cutlery

Boneware Skeleton Halloween Cutlery

Fall is upon us and that means cooler weather, a yard full of leave and ghosts and goblins. There’s nothing like a fancy scary Halloween dinner for close friends and undead. And you really need the right flatware to set the frightening tone.

Boneware brings us the Skeleton Plastic Silverware Set. Let’s be clear, this is NOT disposable plastic cutlery. This is BPA & phthalate toxin free, FDA Compliant reusable cutlery.

“BoneWare Cutlery is 3x heavier and Underwriters Laboratory tested to be 6x strong than regular plasticware. The injection molds were hand polished so no sharp edges around the spoon or fork. However, one can actually stab salad with the fork instead of chasing it around the bowl, cut steak with the knife and scoop ice cream or peanut butter with the spoon! Long term tested to be dishwasher safe, lower rack. However, intense heat (steam) will melt the utensils. Lifetime Free Replacement Guarantee if not abused. The BoneWare prototypes were hand-sculpted referencing medical drawings to ensure accurate anatomy. Can be used as an educational tool while eating!”

They are serious about the strength of this cutlery, check it out:

Boneware Skeleton Halloween Cutlery

This is an investment in Halloween cutlery that can be used for years to come. And not just Halloween, maybe horror movie theme nights?

Skeleton Plastic Silverware Set from Amazon


BIGFOOT Salad Tongs by OTOTO

BIGFOOT Salad Tongs by OTOTO

Oh yeah! Bigfoot Cutlery! Sasquatch is in the kitchen my friends. Flatware for the flatfoot! This is a way I think I could get my kids excited about salad!

You gotta love the ad copy poem song for these big tongs:

“There’s nothing scary about this Bigfoot. As a matter of fact, you’ll feel like a winner if he joins you for dinner. He’ll help you toss and serve your salad and then perhaps sing you a ballad.”

These Bigfoot salad tongs are made of 100% food safe BPA free plastic and are dishwasher safe.
They measure 11.9 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches.

This is camping gear me thinks!

BIGFOOT Salad Tongs by OTOTO from Amazon


Sesame Street Cutlery

One of our readers (ok, it was actually my Sister-in-Law) sent us this link from the folks over at Reddit in the mildlyinteresting sub-reddit.

Everyone in the discussion seems to be losing their mind about the Sesame Street Cutlery shown above. The Spoon Big Bird, Fork Bert and Knife Ernie are a good looking set of flatware to say the least.

We’ve looked everywhere and are unable to source them for sale unless you want a second hand set from e-bay. I doubt they are dishwasher safe and to be completely honest they are probably made from old school pewter with lead or some other junk metal. Hopefully not. But it they do it would explain the antics over at Reddit.

The discussion about this cutlery we linked to above at Reddit went so far off the rails that this happened:

It seems if you start to talk about treasured childhood icons people really start to lose their minds.

So, what can I learn from this about cutlery you ask? Well, we did learn that children really get possessive about things like the flatware they eat with. To that point that they would refuse to eat anything at all without their magical Big Bird Spoon. So firstly make sure to buy three sets of said magic cutlery when they show this tendency. And second make sure to carry a set in your bag when you are out and about eating at a restaurant or as a guest.

And that’s…


Oreo Cutlery – The Cookie Fork

The Oreo Fork

So the video above was recently posted on Reddit. And being self proclaimed cutlery experts and cookie experts as well, we went digging to find this wonderful Oreo fork. And well….here’s what we did find:


The Cookie dipper looks interesting and doesn’t do damage to the creamy filling. I guess it’s more like a cookie spoon?

Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set from

The Oreo Dunking set using a set of thongs and has a nice Oreo cookie holder for your mug o’ milk.

Torune Food Fork from

These forks are the closest we could find to the Oreo Fork in the video above. Googling hasn’t helped us either. We implore you, our readers, to leave comment below if you have found more info on the Oreo fork. We don’t want this to be another Nutella Knife situation!