Medicine Spoon By Apex Healthcare

Medicine Spoon By ApexWe have talked before that a standard flatware spoon from the cutlery drawer should never be used to administer medicine. According to this report from the Pediatrics Journal not picking the right spoon led to around 40% chance of error in dosage.

The better choice is a medicine dispensing spoon. This Medicine Spoon By Apex Healthcare is easy to fill accurately while upright. The dosage is up to 2 Tsp and as little as 1 ml. The design makes it easy for feeding children or the elderly without spillage. A 3 pack is a good idea.

Medicine Spoon By Apex Healthcare Products (Pack of 3)


Edible Spoon Maker

edible spoon makerWow, this is interesting. This is the stereotypical “Does what it says on the label”.

You take some off the shelf ready made dough (biscuit, puff pastry or whatever) and add to the “Edible Spoon Maker” and close it up. Let it bake for 3 minutes and you have four edible spoons for your enjoyment. This idea of consumable cutlery is pretty amazing and would be great for ice cream, yogurt, cereal or salads. And somewhat environmentally friendly I guess?

It’s basically a fancy waffle iron with a non-stick surface. This would be great in a restaurant or ice cream shop. Or in my home, but it’s not available for sale quite yet. You can sign up with their mailing list to be notified when it’s ready for sale.

More info at


Star Wars Cutlery

new star wars cutleryWell, the big movie is coming up soon and it’s all things Star Wars all the time. And a great gift for the foodie Star Wars fan in your family is the Star Wars Cutlery from ThinkGeek.

This fun flatware set includes a Luke fork, Yoda spoon, and Vader knife. How are they named? They are replicas of the handles of the lightsaber that each character uses in the films.

Now be warned that they don’t light up like lightsabers and they are definitely not dish-washer safe. They are made of stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastic.

Star Wars Cutlery available at ThinkGeek


Christmas Cutlery by Nikko

Nikko Christmas FlatwareI just yelled at the TV last night for already showing Christmas commercials, but to be honest it was a good reminder to start planning and ordering for the Xmas season. Leaving things to the last second isn’t the greatest idea.

So if you are looking to plan out the flatware for the Christmas dinner dining room table then this Christmas Cutlery by Nikko might be what you are looking for. This set provides a complete service for four, with four each teaspoons, soup spoons, serrated table knives, dinner forks and salad forks. This cutlery is made of 18/10 stainless steel and a white resin handle.

It matches up with Nikko’s Christmas china patterns Christmas Tree and Holly designs.

Nikko Christmas Flatware 20 Piece Set