Funly mee Cast Iron Cutlery Wall Decoration

Funly mee Kitchen Restaurant Cutlery Spoon Wall Decoration,Cast Iron Wall Decor with Fork and Spoon for Rustic Kitchen or Dinning Room

Decorating kitchens and restaurants with just the right item can be a real chore sometimes. Finding something that says cooking to your guests is important and shouldn’t be too kitschy for the kitchen.

The “Funly mee Kitchen Restaurant Cutlery Spoon Wall Decoration, Cast Iron Wall Decor with Fork and Spoon for Rustic Kitchen or Dinning Room” (boy that’s a long name) looks like a great addition for your space.

These two spoons, fork and draining spoon are made of cast iron and removeable from the stand. The whole thing measures 13 by 9 inches.

Be warned this is decorative cutlery only and not to be used for any cooking of any sort at all!

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Bruntmor Steak Knives for BBQ Season

Bruntmor steak knivesIt’s BBQ season around our house and that usually means steak and the best steak deserves the best cutlery. This collection of steak knives from Bruntmor really caught my eye.

This 16 piece set of three pronged forks and serrated knives is made of dishwasher-safe 18/10 stainless steel. I really like the look of the hinged wooden cutlery box. A lot of thought went into the balance and weight of this flatware.

Great for a gift or treat for yourself and it’s a great price.

Bruntmor, CRUX Royal 18/10 Stainless Steel 16-piece Steak Knife set Wooden Gift Box


Our Top Cutlery Posts of 2015

It’s the end of 2015 and 2016 is barging in whether we want it to or not. We’ve taken a look at what were the most popular posts in the last year and wanted to highlight them. So let’s start at the top:


In first place by a huge margin is anything even remotely related to Nutella. It is such a popular topic on this blog that we even made a category for Nutella. And the shown Nutella knife (or Spife) was the top of the charts. You people are crazy for Nutella.

Artaste Rain Stainless Steel Flatware

In second place is the Artaste Rain Stainless Steel Flatware which a lot of people really liked and the feedback after purchasing was quite good. And I have to say this is one of the nicer and better staged photos for cutlery that we’ve seen in a long time.

silverware canvas artwork

And in third place is not cutlery or flatware but a wonderful piece of artwork. The Vintage Kitchen Silverware Canvas Wall Art  of a Spoon, Knife & Fork was a post from 2014 that continues to be a very popular item in 2015.

tim burton cutlery is isaie blochSalvador Dali - Ménagère

And an honorable mention goes out to two celebrity related cutlery items. “This is not Silverware by Tim Burton. It’s by Isaïe Bloch.” and “Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957” both seemed to settle a lot of discussion about who made what and when and what it sold for.

Have a great 2016 everyone!


Peleg Design Jumbo Cutlery Drainer

jumbo cutlery drainerThis is a great looking Christmas gift. Peleg Design has this wonderful elephant cutlery drainer that is a treat for the eyes and very useful. It’s one of those things that when you see it you ask yourself “Why didn’t someone invent this before?”.

Their description of it really says everything: “Sometimes, a runny nose can be a big plus. Jumbo the elephant will be more than happy to drain all excess water from your wet cutlery straight into the sink.”.

Made of plastic and perfect for stuffing with all your dripping forks, knives and spoons. And it’s a multi-tasker as it could be used for toothbrushes in the children’s bathroom.

Peleg Design Jumbo Cutlery Drainer