Cooking Chopstick – “Taste N Cook” by Joyce Chen

cooking chopsticksCooking chopsticks are something that once you use them you aren’t sure how you got along with out them in the past. Now I have to warn you up front, you should be already proficient with regular chopsticks before stepping up to the stove with a pair of these. But if you can pull it off it will be worth it.

From Joyce Chen comes the  “Taste N Cook” 13-Inch burnished bamboo chopsticks. These aren’t exactly dishwasher safe but will last a very long time with the occasional food oil treatment to keep them from drying out. The tiny fork and spoon ends re-enforce the old adage that you need to taste your food while cooking. They are a little short for working with large pot meals but are perfect for frying and smaller dishes. Really good for  Shabu Shabu and other soups of that style.

Joyce Chen – Taste N Cook Bamboo Chopsticks

Brew Cutlery – Flatware not just for food

brew cutleryI’ve been hesitant in the past to post about Kickstarter projects because in the cutlery world so many don’t seem to have a chance at making it to production. The more I thought about this I came to the realization that I’ve been posting “concept” and “art” design pieces of cutlery for some time now and those have even less a chance. So onto our first Kickstarter project Brew Cutlery. Their mission is pretty simple: make functional utilitarian utensils that combines two of my  favorite things in the world, beer and food.

Not much to say other than this product makes sense for the average college boy or camper. A utensil set that also opens a beer bottle. It’s just makes sense. And as of the time of this posting they are $43 over their $10,000 goal so it looks like they will make it to production…


Nutella Spreader Revisited – Part 3 – Compac Spreader Knives

And we are back for the final part in our 3 part series on alternatives to the allusive Nutella Spreader. After my many hours of research I think I have come across the “Rosetta Stone” of sandwich spreaders. This item has such a long history that I’ve seen it for sale on eBay as a “vintage” item. Gaze upon it’s glory…

Compac KnifeYup, this simply piece of white plastic is the holy grail we all have been looking for. The Compac sandwich spreader knife in it’s simple design and construction fits the bill perfectly. And the price even more so. It’s comes in two flavors (mind the pun) of “Mayonnaise” and “Peanut Butter and Jelly”. The big difference between the two? The Mayo is 11.8 inches long and the PB&J is 4 inches long and that’s about it.

compac jelly knife compac mayo knife

This simple device is wondrous at getting to the bottom of any jar of spreadable goodness. And getting under the lip of the jar as well, which for me and Cheez Whiz is a never ending battle. Buy extras because they will be used a lot and probably stolen by coveting guests. That fact that it is made of plastic is a plus I assure you, metal knives can scrape plastic off the inside of plastic jars and contaminate your food. It is dishwasher safe and has a hole in the handle to hang on the cabin wall (that is where mine is going). It believe the Nutella jar has met it’s match with this amazing piece of simple plastic cutlery.

 Compac Mayo Knife Spreader Plastic 11.8″ Knife Shaped To The Contour Of Mayonnaise Jars

Compac Jelly Knife Spreader 4″ Plastic Knife for Peanut Butter and Jelly