Peeling Ginger with a Spoon

peeling ginger

Whether it’s in a stir fry or cocktail, ginger is a big favorite in our house. Since it is also very handy for any stomach troubles and dealing with sea sickness, I went looking for a way of making my own preserved ginger. My hero’s at America’s Test Kitchen have this great recipe for Candied Ginger. But the best part I think (and cutlery related) is the technique for peeling ginger with a spoon. Easy and no waste by using a knife and a vegetable peeler never seems to work.

YouTube video on peeling ginger

Vera Wang Equestrian Flatware

vera wang flatware

OK, yes I know, Vera Wang is all about fashion (wedding dresses are what I know about).  But just look at this cute 5 piece set in 18/10 stainless steel. Just look at it! Cute little buckles on the handles so they look like little belts. Squee!!! The “Equestrian” is in reference to horse tack but I think they are belts for gnomes. I may have had too much coffee this morning but I am of the opinion these are perfect for the table of any fashionista! Great price as well!

Equestrian by Vera Wang


Chicago Cutlery

chicago cutlery fusion

A reader had asked a question about the numbers on the wooden handles of Chicago Cutlery’s knives (turns out they are model numbers me thinks). While researching I came across this Fusion 18-piece knife set. Normally we don’t review knives on this blog but this set looks to be a really good deal and I’m thinking about buying it. They are high carbon stainless with nice grip-able handles. The wood storage block comes with a peeler, parer, utility, steak knives, partoku, bread knife, santoku, chef knife, slicer, and sharpening steel. It’s a complete kitchen in one nice package.

 ChicagoCutlery Fusion 18-Piece Set

Ceramic Flatware Caddy (or Cutlery Caddy?)

cutlery caddy

Why don’t they call it a Cutlery Caddy? I think alliteration is clever, but I like puns as well so don’t mind me. I have always found cutlery caddies (I’m sticking with this term) and racks for flatware very handy when you have buffet style dining. This set is nice enough to be used at the dining table and useful for when someone drops a fork or decides they need a spoon for the dessert they declined twice. This set comes in a nice wooden tray with three ceramic containers for knife, fork and spoon. Please be careful as the ceramic containers don’t seem to be dishwasher safe and will break if dropped. Best guess on capacity is at least a serving set for eight diners.

 Ceramic Flatware Caddy Set by Towle Silversmiths