Silicone Spatulas for just about everything

silcone spatulaThis set of three spatulas are made of heat resistant silicone that can handle up to 500 degrees. But be careful as the handles aren’t quite up to that resistance and can melt or break if left in a pot with the handle resting on the edge. I like the blue color with clear handles and the little one is great for spreading peanut butter or Nutella.

They are resistant to stains and odor and just fine in the dishwasher. I’d recommend getting two sets at this price.

Wilton Easy Flex 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set

Mayor de Blasio eats Goodfellas Pizza with a knife and fork

de blasio pizza knife forkI work in the pizza “industry”,  I lived off of New York pizza for a week during the snowstorm of the century in Manhattan and I think this story has merit. Even though it’s published as a bit of a political joke.

The short version of “Forkgate” is that the Mayor of New York Blasio ate his  Goodfellas Pizza with a knife and fork. Eating pizza with a fork and knife is a pleasure for many reasons. No greasy fingers, no dropped toppings and even better is that if you actually can eat it with knife and fork then it is a heck of a deep dish pizza.

And “It’s the Italian way”.

Read the article yourself at

17-piece Tool and Gadget Set by Kitchenaid – Everything you need in one package

kitchenaid setEverything but the kitchen sink? Well maybe not but it is good start to a new kitchen. Kitchenaid as a brand has never let me down, I even have one of their barbecues and it’s amazing. This set is the perfect housewarming gift for the student moving into their first place. It also is a great set to buy for the cabin or camping trailer.

And this 17 piece kitchen collection really does have everything: spatula, basting spoon, slotted spoon, tongs, grater, peeler, can opener, whisk, measuring cups and spoons. Everything is safe to use in nonstick pots and pans and can handle up to 450 degrees of heat.

 Kitchenaid Classic 17-piece Tools and Gadget Set, Black