Candy Cane Spoons!!!!

Candy Cane Spoons

OMG this is perfect for Xmas and any other cold day. Perfect for hot chocolate. Perfect for a mint latte. Just perfect. Cute candy cutlery!

There are six to a package. But be warned, they are very fragile flatware and don’t seem to ship very well. Your results may vary.

Candy Cane Spoons from Amazon

Bob The Builder’s Knife

Bob The Builder's Knife

Something seems wrong here with Bob The Builder’s Knife. I don’t trust this knife. This is cutlery that is deceiving you. This is a flat out lie from flatware. Knife you are not. Knife you will never be. Bob The Builder’s Knife is masquerading. Bob The Builder’s Knife is a Spoon! A Spoooooon!

Happy New Year!

Nicolas Cage Cutlery

Why Nicolas Cage Cutlery? Why not Nicolas Cage Flatware? Why a Nicolas Cage Spoon? Why not a fork? Why not a knife. OK, we know why not a knife. But a Nicolas Cage Spoon is nice.

We don’t know where this cutlery came from or who made it.

Merry Xmas!

3D Printed Cutlery

3D Printed Cutlery

We all knew this day was coming and here it is. The day that 3D printing technology finally can do justice with metals and create cutlery. We had been waiting patiently for this day and the flatware is finally here.

“3D printing technology manufacturer 3D Systems has just released a new collection of high end flatware designed by Finnish 3D artist and 3D Systems Creative Director, Janne Kyttanen. This stunning set of silverware is called Ice Breaker, and was 3D printed using their newest metal 3D printing process Direct Metal Printing (DMP). The Ice Breaker collection is just the latest in a growing trend of designers that are starting to explore new metal 3D printing technologies usually reserved for automotive or aerospace components and apply them to high end consumer products.”

“But before you get excited about the idea of custom 3D printed flatware, the DMP process is still pretty new, and at the moment quite pricey. While 3D Systems didn’t provide a cost to have the complete Ice Breaker set printed with their Quickparts service, it probably isn’t going to be cheap.”