Cutlery Quiz Time! Two of them!

Cutlery Quiz

Well, we seem to think after writing a blog about cutlery and only cutlery for over ten years that we would be some sort of experts. Nope! The has run not one but two cutlery quizzes and we failed horribly.

Do you think you know your fine flatware from your silverware? These are mostly historical pieces but you’ll learn something about cutlery all the same.

Check out the two quizzes and their answers below and let us know in the comments how you did!

Seriously though, what up with that fork’s forked tongue?

Sheffield cutlery expert fun picture quiz

Picture Quiz Answers

Sheffield Picture Puzzle #2

Picture Puzzle #2 Answers

The Korean Rice Spoon

Korean Rice Spoon

The first time I used a Korean rice spoon things changed. I started looking at my current roster of spoons in a different way. Suddenly my regular cutlery was too short and the bowls not deep enough.

A Korean rice spoon is amazing at digging to the bottom of a bowl of rice, pasta, oatmeal or whatever. And they are great for mixing drinks in glasses. And stirring in pots while cooking. They are a superior food delivery device over our European flatware.

These Korean rice spoons are from a company called Fantasy. This set of eight spoons are made of 3 mm thick high quality stainless steel. And yes they are dishwasher safe.

Fantasy Stainless Korean Rice Spoons from Amazon

Barbecue Fork – BBQ Season is here!

Barbecue Fork

It’s that time of year to get out in the backyard and start grilling. And in our experience most BBQ forks that come with grilling kits just don’t stand up. They tend to be thin metal that bends too easily and plastic handles that are just waiting to melt.

The company “Kitchen Vendor” makes this 13 inch BBQ fork. Made of stainless steel with a solid wood handle. It’s outdoor kitchen cutlery that can come in handy and keep your fingers from being burned. Keep out of the dishwasher though, it’s a little large and the wood handle might not hold up.

KITCHEN VENDOR 13″ BBQ Stainless Steel Fork from Amazon

Facts and History of Eating Utensils

OK, wow! We have to call out the amazing website! We stumbled across this site that has the most comprehensive collection of cutlery history.

They have knife facts, spoon facts, fork facts, chopstick facts, toothpicks, drinking straws….you name it and they have it.

This incredible site is a one stop shop of all things flatware. If you came here looking for info for your school paper on cutlery, go there!