Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool – Everyday Carry Cutlery

We love Everyday Carry Cutlery (ECC) here at The Cutlery Review. ECC isn’t a brand, it’s an attitude. It is the concept of always being prepared for a culinary challenge where ever you are. And the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool fills the need in all sorts of ways. What makes this spork tool by Ka-Bar different is […]

Everyday Carry Cutlery – Why we should all carry our own knives and forks

We’ve been posting a bit lately about Everyday Carry Cutlery and we’ve been thinking maybe it’s just us that is that crazy to carry our own flatware around? Well, we were sent this interesting article by Bee Wilson at TheGuardian.com and it seems to agree with us. A few interesting points: In medieval Europe people would carry […]

Everyday Carry Cutlery – humangear Gobites Trio

We are big fans around here of Everyday Carry Cutlery. Whether for camping, at school or the office, it sure comes in handy. This set of travel flatware from “humangear” is pretty fancy stuff. It comes in a very slim and small carrying case and consists of a extended-length spoon, fork, and knife (which they claim actually […]

Everyday Carry Cutlery – G Series 52 Gram Cutlery Set by Baladéo

We really like Everyday Carry Cutlery around here and this set by Baladéo is very sleek looking. It comes in a mesh carrying case with an aluminum carabiner. With a quick attach system and liner lock it totals a paltry 52 grams. Made of stainless steel with a 2.95 inch (7.5 cm) blade it includes […]