Yamazaki Aquatique ICE Cutlery

We’ve looked at Yamazaki product’s before on this blog. They began making flatware in Tsubame, Japan in 1918. In the early 1930’s they were instrumental in the introduction of stainless steel into Japan. So interestingly enough we have a Japanese company that has designed a European style cutlery set. The Aquatique ICE Cutlery set is a serving for […]

Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent Flatware

I must say that people are really interested in gold cutlery for a myriad of reasons from flavor to flair. The Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent set isn’t entirely gold but uses it as an accent, hence the name. They say a picture says a thousand words and I think the photo above really shows it’s more […]

Yamazaki Hafnia 20-Piece Flatware

Recently we’ve been looking at some of the work by Yamazaki. So after examining the more unique work, we’ve decided to look at something very contemporary. The Hafnia 20-Piece flatware by Yamazaki is a graceful and simple design that is Scandinavian influenced (How? I don’t see it?). This is a cutlery setting for four that includes a dinner knife, dinner […]

Fish Flatware – Yamazaki Gone Fishin

Not sure how I’ve gone this long without reviewing this fish cutlery and it’s by Yamazaki who’s work we have looked at before. This is the cutlery you want in your cabin or camper and the perfect gift for that Mad Fisherman in your family. The “Gone Fishin” set by Yamazaki  is made of dish-washer […]