Homquen Black And Gold Spoons for Ice Tea or Coffee or…

Spoons that are dedicated to dessert are some of the best spoons I know. These will also work just fine with that Ice Tea or Coffee but they scream for Ice Cream. This is the cold spoon, the gold spoon. Flatware for the finish of the meal. Homquen Black And Gold Spoons are made of […]


Do you recognize this masked man? Perhaps the post title gave it away? There’s something about celebrity cutlery that gets us excited here at the Cutlery Review. Maybe cause we get good feelings that someone on the big screen loves cutlery as much as us. One of us, one of us! OK, maybe not that […]

Hiware Matte Black Cutlery Set with Steak Knives – Perfect for Halloween

Halloween is upon us and this cutlery set looks perfect for the place setting of any slasher movie psycho killer. There is something about black matte flatware just just feels wrong in all the right ways and what really puts this set over the top is that steak knife. This cutlery says to you “I’m […]

Lemeya Matte Black Silverware Luxury Flatware Cutlery for Halloween?

So went looking for Halloween Cutlery and every choice out there is plastic. And plastic cutlery is on the way of the Dodo bird, it’s going to be very gone soon. So what to do about having some nice creepy cutlery for Halloween flatware fun? We think the Matte Black Silverware Luxury Flatware from Lemeya […]