Butterup – The world’s best butter knife?

I grew up in a climate where butter needed to be stored in the refrigerator (or did it?). And that meant scraping and spreading butter on fresh bread or even toast was a shredded nightmare that ended in wrecked bread and tears. It seems I’m not the only one that had this problem and three […]

Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen Cooking Utensil Set

Earlywood really knows how to bring the natural beauty of the wood out. I mean, look at that photo. Go quickly click the link below and go look at even more gorgeous photos of their handwork! Amazing stuff. Metal is the most functional material for cutlery but wood is love. The Earlywood 3-Piece Wooden Kitchen […]

America’s Test Kitchen Best Cutlery Pick – Oneida Voss

We here at The Cutlery Review are big fans of America’s Test Kitchen and saw an episode where they tested cutlery. Cause that’s what they do in their Test Kitchen is test stuff. And their best cutlery pick was Oneida Voss. We are also big fans of Oneida around here and they have a great […]