Everyday Carry Cutlery – G Series 52 Gram Cutlery Set by Baladéo

We really like Everyday Carry Cutlery around here and this set by Baladéo is very sleek looking. It comes in a mesh carrying case with an aluminum carabiner. With a quick attach system and liner lock it totals a paltry 52 grams. Made of stainless steel with a 2.95 inch (7.5 cm) blade it includes […]

Roman “Swiss Army Knife” – Everyday Carry Cutlery

This piece of “Everyday Carry Cutlery” could be considered the first “Swiss Army Knife”. Dating from A.D. 201 to A.D. 300 or so, this 3″ x 6″ knife includes a spoon, knife, toothpick, fork, spike and spatula. It is possible Roman soldiers would carry into the battlefield and to the dinner table, no one is […]

The Buck Travelmate – Everyday Carry Cutlery

Everyone that knows me and this blog knows there are two things that really catch my attention: Everyday Carry Cutlery and Nutella Spreaders. You can imagine how excited I was to see this new piece from Buck. First off, it isn’t a pocket everyday carry but definitely something to have in the backpack or picnic […]

Everyday Cutlery Carry – niceEshop(TM) Knife Fork Chopsticks

Not sure what our fascination is with Everyday Cutlery Carry but it seems to be supported by what the market has for sale for us. I guess being prepared for any culinary adventure is a good thing. Right up front let’s state that these are inexpensive and made of plastic. So that should set your […]