A Poutine Fork, an Ice Cream Spoon and a Knife in 14 Karat Gold

It’s Canada Day and what could be more of a Canadian food than poutine? And how about some ice cream with that poutine? And how about a poutine fork, an ice cream spoon and a knife in either stainless steel or 14 karat gold plate? Anneke van Bommel‘s Silhouette Cutlery Series is based on disposable options […]

Old Country Roses 20-Piece Flatware Set with Gold Accents

This is a beautiful looking set of flatware with lovely golden rose accents. But I have said it before and it is worth saying again, if you want the gold to stay on the cutlery then keep it out of the dishwasher! You need to hand wash these and it is not just the dishwasher detergent that […]

Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent Flatware

I must say that people are really interested in gold cutlery for a myriad of reasons from flavor to flair. The Yamazaki Cache Gold Accent set isn’t entirely gold but uses it as an accent, hence the name. They say a picture says a thousand words and I think the photo above really shows it’s more […]

Gold cutlery makes food taste better

A study has discovered that your fancy silverware can make certain types of food taste horrible. Stainless steel flatware seems to be better than silver in a series of taste tests. For the very best culinary experience, cutlery should be made of gold, the researchers found. Dr Zoe Laughlin, of University College London’s Institute of Making, tested spoons […]