Spork or Foon?

Ok, we have all heard of Sporks, the classic camping and picnic cutlery. But now we are told in the name of equality we must have a Foon as well. I think it’s a joke? But we did find a Foon for sale from an Australian company called Splayd. It’s the Splayd Mini Spork (Foon). […]

Sakum – The Jewish Spork?

The image above is cute and punny in it’s own way. And there is a connection to this article on Haaretz.com even though it’s a tenuous one. I’ll leave it to the hardcore Star Trek fans to figure it out. It’s turns out there is no Hebrew word for spork but they do have a great word […]

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool – Everyday Carry Cutlery

We love Everyday Carry Cutlery (ECC) here at The Cutlery Review. ECC isn’t a brand, it’s an attitude. It is the concept of always being prepared for a culinary challenge where ever you are. And the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool fills the need in all sorts of ways. What makes this spork tool by Ka-Bar different is […]

They make them! Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Spork

We posted a week or so back about the Kuma Spork Kickstarter project. Well it turns out a very very similar product already exists and is for sale.  The Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Spork has a slightly different design with longer tines and less color options and maybe a smaller spoon bowl. But I think I like […]