Brightown 45-piece Flatware

 Brightown 45-piece flatware

A reader sent us a tip on this cutlery set. Thanks for the heads up!

Brightown is a new company to us here at The Cutlery Review but we like their slogan: “Life is colourful. To create a beautiful life, embellished with artistic life, Brightown to the tableware, allows you to enjoy the entire life.”

This Brightown stainless steel silverware set is a 45 piece set with service for 8 which consists of dinner fork, dinner spoon, butter knife, teaspoon, salad/dessert fork, plus 1pc soup/cereal spoon, 1pc serving fork, 2pcs serving spoons, and 1pc sugar spoon.

Made of 18/0 stainless steel with a glossy mirror finish and a slightly elongated handle is dishwasher safe. But hand washing is recommended first, dry them before storing. Do not use steel wire brush, hard sponge, cleaning cloth or any other hard-material cleaning tools for cleaning to avoid damage to the silverware.

And it comes in a gift box package. It’s a great value for a great product.

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We here at The Cutlery Review recently took a little vacation to the wonderful prairies of this amazing country. And while visiting with friends the topic of cutlery came up, as it it wont to do. And a sweet young lady named Cara was very excited to contribute ideas and she told us all about this one. Thanks Cara!

It’s SPORTS SILVERWARE! They wrote it in all caps so we wrote it in all caps! The Canadian Brewhouse restaurants are offering these super cool sports themed flatware. They’ve got a Golf Club Knife, Baseball Bat Spoon and Hockey Stick Fork. We have to admit these are kinna fun. But the best part is that $1 from every sale goes to charity!

Check out the SPORTS SILVERWARE! at

JASHII Luxury Jubilee Blue Flatware  – Space Cutlery

JASHII Luxury Jubilee Blue Flatware  - Space Cutlery

The last couple of posts we gave JASHII a hard time for being lazy with naming their cutlery sets. Now this set does have an actually name “Luxury Jubilee Blue” but we think “Space Cutlery” would have been a whole lot better. I mean, come on, this flatware looks like it’s from that Avatar movie or something. It’s amazing! Look at those sleek lines and that amazing color!

This setting for four people includes a Dinner Knife, Coffee Spoon, Dinner Fork, Dessert Spoon, and Salad Fork.

We love their description of the finish: “Polishing mirror: Luxury polishing mirror Polish breaks depression and keeps tableware bright, fashion and elegant.”

Made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel but be careful with certain acidic cleaners as it can take the black finish off, we recommend hand washing.

JASHII Luxury Jubilee Blue Flatware from Amazon

JASHII Elegant Black Cutlery

JASHII Elegant Black Cutlery

As we mentioned before sometimes companies get a little lazy in naming their cutlery sets. They’ll just state the name of their company and maybe the color of the product and not bother with the creative effort to come up with a unique name.

The JASHII Flatware Set is a whole bunch of products but we decided to call this one “Elegant Black Cutlery”. This set has such a defined elegant classic look. The holes in the handles? Why? Don’t care, they look great. This flatware brings class to your table.

This Elegant Black Cutlery Flatware Set contains 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner spoons, 6 teaspoons.  It is made of dishwasher safe 304 stainless steel. But careful with certain acidic cleaners as it can take the finish off, we recommend hand washing.

JASHII Elegant Black Cutlery from Amazon