Roman “Swiss Army Knife” – Everyday Carry Cutlery

This piece of “Everyday Carry Cutlery” could be considered the first “Swiss Army Knife”. Dating from A.D. 201 to A.D. 300 or so, this 3″ x 6″ knife includes a spoon, knife, toothpick, fork, spike and spatula. It is possible Roman soldiers would carry into the battlefield and to the dinner table, no one is […]

The Buck Travelmate – Everyday Carry Cutlery

Everyone that knows me and this blog knows there are two things that really catch my attention: Everyday Carry Cutlery and Nutella Spreaders. You can imagine how excited I was to see this new piece from Buck. First off, it isn’t a pocket everyday carry but definitely something to have in the backpack or picnic […]

Everyday Cutlery Carry – niceEshop(TM) Knife Fork Chopsticks

Not sure what our fascination is with Everyday Cutlery Carry but it seems to be supported by what the market has for sale for us. I guess being prepared for any culinary adventure is a good thing. Right up front let’s state that these are inexpensive and made of plastic. So that should set your […]

Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC)

Here at the Cutlery Review we had been promoting what we call the Everyday Carry Cutlery or ECC. But our friends over at are suggesting Bring Your Own Cutlery or BYOC. Either way it’s a great idea as what’s called “Normal” has changed all around us. Bringing in your own cutlery reduces waste, helps […]