Stainless Kung Foon Utensil – Spork meets Chopsticks

How strong is your Kung Foon my friend? An interesting name for an interesting product. This is truly “spork meets chopsticks” to create a lightweight portable multi-function utensil. Your chopsticks simply slide into the Foon’s handle making the perfect piece of cutlery to reach the bottom of a rehydrated food pouch or to stir a […]

Sporkish? CRKT Eat’N Tool Minimal Multi-Tool

Three of us got one of these in our Xmas stocking, two of us adults and one college student. The adults thought “Hmmm…good for camping and opening beer.” and the student thought “Perfect for the dorm! (and beer)”. Eating prepared food in some dorms is against the rules and even finding cutlery is a possible […]

KFC says Goodbye to Cutlery

So KFC has just come out with this advertisement that is an apology to cutlery as they say goodbye to utensils everywhere. These are the same people that introduced the Spork to most of us! I get that they want to be rid of plastic cutlery and are trying to be clever. But they even […]

Hannibal Crossing Episode 2 – Hiking Tacos

Here at The Cutlery Review it is our pleasure to sponsor a new youtube cooking show called “Hannibal Crossing” starring Zbigniew Winzig. This short form program features quick and easy gourmet meals for your hiking or camping needs. And of course each episode will feature a piece of cutlery that we have reviewed on our […]