BYOC (Bring Your Own Cutlery) or ECC (Everyday Carry Cutlery)?

plastic picnic tray invented by French designer Jean-Pierre Vitrac

Above is the single use plastic picnic tray invented by French designer Jean-Pierre Vitrac. It’s from around the World War II era. I have to say it is pretty impressive. A cup, tray and cool looking knife, fork and spoon. And it’s plastic. And we aren’t happy with plastic these days and I get that.

So as the world plans on banning plastic and it’s use in the food industry we have new ideas. Here at the Cutlery Review we have been promoting what we call the Everyday Carry Cutlery or ECC. But our friends over at are suggesting Bring Your Own Cutlery or BYOC. Either way it’s a great idea.

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Matte Black Flatware & Chopsticks by Luxware

matte black cutlery by Luxware

Matte black cutlery is very hot right now. In the past few years gold and rainbow where the thing but black is rising once again.

This matte black flatware and chopsticks set by Luxware looks like a great deal. Not only do you get the chopsticks but they double up on the forks and spoons.

This place setting for four people includes 4 sets of (7.25″) salad forks, (8.75″) steak forks, (8.5″) steak knives, (8.5″) dinner spoons, (7″) soup spoons, as well as 4 pairs of stainless steel chopsticks (not pictured above).

Matte Black Silverware Set – 20 Piece Dinnerware Set plus 4 Pairs of Chopsticks by Luxware from Amazon

How long have we been using cutlery?


The folks over at The Irish Times have a great article about the history and age of cutlery. How long have been using a fork, knife and spoon?


“Spoons are among the oldest eating tools; it’s not hard to imagine early humans making the leap from natural spoons such as seashells or stones to fashioning spoons out of wood, animal horns and eventually metal, adding handles somewhere along the way.”

Checkout the entire article at The Irish Times

Silicone Devil Oven Rack Puller

Silicone Devil Oven Rack Puller

I love making chicken wings in my convection oven, but you need to keep a close eye on them or they burn quick. And this little tool is a uni-tasker that I can make an exception for.

The Silicone Devil Oven Rack Puller from Joie Silicone is very handy in the kitchen. No longer do you need to fumble with oven mitts just to check on things. And for that matter, use it with oven mitts to properly pull out a fidgety rack. Simply hook the open mouth over the edge of the oven rack to push it away or pull it closer. No more dangerous burns when reaching into hot ovens! Kitchen cutlery gadget at it’s finest.

It is made from nonstick silicone which is heat safe to 536-degrees Fahrenheit.

Joie Silicone Devil Oven and Toaster Rack Puller from Amazon