Are Cutlery Food Weapons?

Are Cutlery Food Weapons?

An interesting Tweet about how different cultures refer to cutlery. We also call them flatware or utensils. At least a fork is a fork, a spoon is a spoon and knives don’t even talk to me about.

Tiny Spoon – The Golden Smoke Shovel

The Golden Smoke Shovel

Happy 420! So here we have a tiny little spoon. It’s called the Golden Smoke Shovel. It is about 85 mm or 3.35 inches in length. Isn’t this curious cutlery?

It is described as being used for medicines, cigarettes, kitchens, etc. Or as a pipe shovel for smoking accessories. The best description by far is “Micro debugging spoon” because it would really help with my programming work.

You get three of them.

But what is it really to be used for?

You decide.

Gold Golden Smoke Shovel Mini Spoon Hookah Shisha Water Pipe Grinder Accessories for Weed Herb Tobacco (3pc) from Amazon

We Want Plates

We Want Plates

The image above was found over at Reddit on We Want Plates. I guess a rather fancy chef thought it would be a good idea to use a lot of cutlery to serve bite sized food. That’s a lot of forks. And probably not a very happy dishwasher.

But this does bring to mind how flatware can affect your meal. We use different spoons for different foods such as soup, dessert, coffee, grapefruit and such. We have different knives for butter, steak and cake. We have a couple of different forks I guess. I remember being in Germany and it seemed every brand of beer had it’s own special glass. With the easy access to 3D printing are we coming up on custom cutlery as well?

We will see, here at the Cutlery Review.

Hanging Flatware by Supreme Housewares

Hanging Flatware by Supreme Housewares

We have a set of hanging cutlery in our house that comes in quite handy. Where we use it the most is for picnics or buffet style dining. You just drop it in the middle of the table and if someone needs to butter a bun then there is a knife. Need a spoon for the relish? Right there on the flatware tree, pick it yourself. But we warned most stands are a little tippy as the base isn’t heavy enough but we still find it better than a handful of cutlery in a jar or something.

This hanging flatware by Supreme Housewares includes 4 dinner spoons, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner knives, 4 salad forks, 4 teaspoons, and one stand. The cutlery and stand are made of stainless steel.

Flatware Set of 20 with hanging Stand from Amazon