Best Ramen Fork? Best Ramen Spoon? Scoon?

So much confusion here. Is the best choice for eating ramen chopsticks and a spoon? Or is it a fork? Or is it a spork? Or a Scoon? Your first choice is this wonderful piece of cutlery that I would classify as a Foon from the Museum of Modern Art. The Ramen Fork/Spoon or Sugakiya […]

Titanium Folding Spoon for Camping

No, it’s not a really long spoon. No, it’s not a spork. It’s a titanium folding spoon. Why? Because a folding spoon can fit in those small places like your tiny cook pot and it’s super light and super handy. It’s cutlery that does the job but doesn’t take up all the space. It’s a […]

Camping – Full Windsor – The Muncher Reusable Utensil

It’s Spring! And it’s time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine and wildlife. And eat! And you need cutlery to cook and eat when you are camping, hiking or picnicking. And the thing about camping cutlery is that is makes for great Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC) as well! A rather interestingly named “The […]


Do you recognize this masked man? Perhaps the post title gave it away? There’s something about celebrity cutlery that gets us excited here at the Cutlery Review. Maybe cause we get good feelings that someone on the big screen loves cutlery as much as us. One of us, one of us! OK, maybe not that […]