Gigodesign Woodware Utensils

Monday’s posts on The Cutlery Review are as usual reserved for the funny or stylish and today it’s all about style. Sadly, once again this style is not within our grasp (pun intended). This sleek, functional and eco-friendly set of utensils from Gigodesign don’t seem to be available for sale. The fork, spoon & spatula […]

Keychain Cutlery

I’m a big fan of “Everyday Carry Cutlery” and have to resist many items I see available online these days. But this new piece of Keychain Cutlery from Pro-Idee Concept Store is very interesting indeed. An interlocking knife, fork and spoon are conveniently hidden inside the 5 1⁄2″ key fob (about the size of an […]

Dear Fork

Everyday doesn’t have to be so serious. But it should include a cutlery reference none the less.  

Plastic Silverware

Look again at the picture, that is not real silverware, it’s plastic. It looks amazing, holds up very well compared to the white plastic fork you are used to, doesn’t have the weight of the real thing but two out of three ain’t bad. Of course it isn’t dishwasher safe as that is neither hygienic […]