They make them! Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Spork

We posted a week or so back about the Kuma Spork Kickstarter project. Well it turns out a very very similar product already exists and is for sale.  The Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Spork has a slightly different design with longer tines and less color options and maybe a smaller spoon bowl. But I think I like […]

The Kuma Reusable Spork

We are not the biggest fan of Kickstarter projects as so many tend to fail due to the large mass of them launching everyday. But this spork from Kuma, even if doesn’t go to production, could be created by almost anyone with a old spoon and a file. The Kuma Reusable Spork falls under our […]

Spork & Knife Swivel Set

We are really big fans of Everyday Carry Cutlery products here at the Cutlery Review. This product caught our eye more than 6 months ago, but it was not in full production so the price and availability were undesirable. But now it’s easy to buy and for a great price. The Spork & Knife Swivel […]

Guyot Designs 5 in 1 Microbite Set – A Tiny Travel Set

It amazes me how often what is great camping gear is also great for the urban setting. The number of picnics (planned or not) or meals at amusement parks where I’ve been able to pull out a good set of Everyday Carry Cutlery is amazing. And every single time I get a look of “what […]