The Heretic’s Fork – Cutlery Gone Wrong

Sometimes we push the limits of the definition of “cutlery” here at The Cutlery Review. We don’t post about knives much because they are a world unto themselves. It’s like the world of wine but we don’t like red, you get it? So cutlery sometimes includes kitchen gadgets, sometimes it’s things that hold cutlery. It’s […]

Knork Black Matte Titanium Stainless Cutlery Set

Back in 2015 Oprah Winfrey had her list of favorites and included this black matte titanium cutlery set from Knork. We have looked at Knorf’s Knife and Fork combo in a past post, and it’s seems they have dropped focus on the spork gimmick for a more robust product. The Knork Black Matte Titanium Coated Stainless 20-Piece Set as […]

Extraterrestrials Leave a Giant Spoon on Mars!

Wow, that’s a clickbait title. But still, it’s an interesting photo and shows how if you are looking for cutlery then you can find it anywhere. Now if it was a fork or even spork that would be interesting interstellar flatware. Maybe this is where the missing spoons have been going? To quote the article […]

Edible Cutlery from India

Just in last month we covered an interesting product that allowed you to make your own edible spoons. Well it seems that Bakey’s Food is using the same idea and getting a heck of a lot of press. But they have taken the idea into production and much farther with edible spoons, forks, sporks, and chopsticks. And […]