Dessert Pastry Forks from Portmeirion

I made a bad pun in a recent post about desert spoons as people were deserting the use of them. Even more rare is the dessert fork, but I did come across this wonderful set. The old school charm, packaging and presentation is what really caught my eye. The flowers are hand-painted on white ceramic […]

Nutella Spreader Revisited – Part 3 – Compac Spreader Knives

And we are back for the final part in our 3 part series on alternatives to the allusive Nutella Spreader. After my many hours of research I think I have come across the “Rosetta Stone” of sandwich spreaders. This item has such a long history that I’ve seen it for sale on eBay as a […]

Mikasa Cocoa Blossom Flatware

I really like the design of the handles on this flatware set, they look to be substantial and lovely. Not your normal plain flat stamped handle on cheap cutlery. This is a full setting for 12 people with teaspoon, soup spoon, salad forks, dinner fork, dinner knife. A serving set of sugar spoon, butter knife, […]

Silicone Spatulas for just about everything

This set of three spatulas are made of heat resistant silicone that can handle up to 500 degrees. But be careful as the handles aren’t quite up to that resistance and can melt or break if left in a pot with the handle resting on the edge. I like the blue color with clear handles […]