Mikasa Cocoa Blossom Flatware

mikasa flatwareI really like the design of the handles on this flatware set, they look to be substantial and lovely. Not your normal plain flat stamped handle on cheap cutlery.

This is a full setting for 12 people with teaspoon, soup spoon, salad forks, dinner fork, dinner knife. A serving set of sugar spoon, butter knife, large tablespoon, slotted tablespoon and meat fork are included. Made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel that comes with a limited 25 year warranty (you don’t see that very often). I would consider this a well priced replacement set for the embarrassing cheap set currently sitting in your cutlery drawer.

Mikasa Cocoa Blossom 18/10 65-Piece Flatware Set


Uri Geller wants 5000 spoons from you

uri-gellerI have fond memories of Uri Geller on the Johnny Carson show, he was bending spoons and forks with his psychic powers. He also claimed to have the ability to fix household appliances just by appearing on your television.  I also have fond memories of the Amazing Randi showing up on Carson on another episode showing exactly how Uri performed his tricks. Uri calls himself an illusionist now it seems.

And now Uri wants to build a giant gorilla statue out of thousands of spoons. He wants it for his backyard, because who wouldn’t? He is asking the public to donate spoons for his project, I assume because all of his are twisted. Much like this silly request of his…

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Flatware Chest

flatware chestChoosing a flatware chest for your silverware can become a long and involved discussion about function over form. That is to say, which is more important? Should it look good? Or should it perform well? Can you have both? Many questions and a long argument in the department store ensues…

This single drawer flatware chest seems to be a nice balance of storing your cutlery and looking good. It holds a full service for 12 with room for additional pieces like serving utensils. It’s made with a nice dark walnut finish (note that they say finish, not made of actual walnut) and has brushed nickel handles. The handles are the main feature for me, carrying a large wooden box of silverware around is not easy as not everyone has a sideboard for easy access for a silverware chest.

In my opinion this is a good balance of function, form and price.

 Wallace Dark Walnut Single Drawer Chest, 14.7 Inches




Kathryn Hinton – Silverware Art

kathryn_hinton_exhausted_cutlery Kathryn Hinton’s silverware art isn’t entirely functional but speaks volumes with their various messages. Some of those messages end up stamped right in.

A quote from Kathryn:

“The tableware I make is inspired by components and interconnecting units. My research currently looks at the role of cutlery in different table settings with emphasis on their function as connecting elements.”

kathryn_hinton_squforked_Once again as we’ve seen before, this is a work that is not in production but still inspiring.

Visit Kathryn Hinton’s site for more cutlery art