FlyingColors Laguiole Style Flatware Set – Cutlery with Color!

flying colors cutleryTwo things I really like in cutlery are color and Laguiole (the specific handle style).  This set from from Flying Colors incorporates both into their design. This 24 piece set consists of six each of 9-inch knives, 9-inch dinner forks, 8.5-inch soup spoons, and 6-inch teaspoons.

They are made of stainless steel with ABS plastic handles. Now, let’s be clear that although they say they are dishwasher safe I would recommend you keep them separated in the dishwasher or you will see rust spots and the plastic on the handles will fade. I recommend hand washing which is made easier with this. Oh wow, the price is amazing!

FlyingColors® Flatware Set. Laguiole Style 24-Piece Flatware Set


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