This is not Silverware by Tim Burton. It’s by Isaïe Bloch.

tim burton cutlery is isaie blochMy Sister sent me this photo and it was captioned “Silverware by Tim Burton, available at Macys”. But a little quick googling showed that it’s not Tim Burton but Isaïe Bloch who created this 3D printed flatware masterpiece.  And you can buy a printed copy of each piece from his store for about 250 euros each.

According to an article by Beautiful Life:

“Belgian designer Isaïe Bloch explores the notion of decay/processing, ornamental and aesthetic excess as in former rococo and baroque times, moments of collapse/disequilibrium and a balance in between etiquette dining and torture tools. by subverting the logic of perfection and beauty, non-perfect images coming from controlled methodologies are generated.”

Check out his blog at


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