“The Uncomfortable” by Katerina Kamprani. Inconvenient Cutlery.

Katerina Kamprani

Katerina Kamprani

Katerina Kamprani

These two forks and spoon are not very useful flatware. And that is on purpose.

Artist Katerina Kamprani has created a series of sculptures called “The Uncomfortable”. Not all of them are cutlery related, but these three are.

Her intent is to make useful objects no longer useful. This “anti-functional” design wins the “form over function’ argument that is for certain.

Just think what it takes to make an object useful, the effort of the design and function. Now think what it takes to reverse that.

Check out more of her objects at Diply.com


Specific Cutlery by Lee Ben David

cutlery_by_lee_ben_david_dezeenIsraeli designer Lee Ben David has created cutlery that is considered specific to the point that it’s unnecessary.

She states she discovered an “absurd” amount of variation in the cutlery used in formal dining, such as a knife designated only to fish dishes.

“I’ve decided to demonstrate the extreme situation we’ve gotten into, using my ‘very specific’ cutlery set,” she said.

You’ve got to check out the amazing collection of specific cutlery she has created like the three-pronged cherry tomatoe tool, pitta bread knife, spaghetti fork, and salad fork.

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BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons for Babies

BEABA First Stage Silicone SpoonsA lot of babies are born in Fall it seems (my list of birthdays proves it to me). A very popular new cutlery product for babies right now are the BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons.

This set of 4 silicone spoons are specifically designed for a baby introduced to solid food. The ergonomic handles make it easier for the parent trying to get food into that cute quick moving face. The hygienic all silicone design are BPA, lead and phthalate free. The silicone is soft to make it safe for a sensitive mouth and actually doubles as a teether.

BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons, 4 Count