Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

Salvador Dali - MénagèreIt’s cutlery by Salvador Dali, it’s gorgeous and I don’t think you could afford it. It is six pieces (silver-gilt) comprising of two forks, two knives and two enameled spoons.Specifically and wonderfully named:

  • Fourchette 4 dents à manche poisson (Four tooth fork with a fish handle)
  • Fourchette-éléphant 3 dents (Elephant fork with three teeth)
  • Couteau escargot aux larmes (Snail knife with tears)
  • Cocteau feuille (leaf knife)
  • Petite cuillère-artichaut (small artichoke spoon)
  • Cuillère-artichaut (artichoke spoon)

It sold for $28,125 US.

See the listing at Sotheby’s


Lego Cutlery

lego cutleryI’ve been looking for these for a long time, not sure why it took so long to find. First up though, these are not “Lego” brand but they are compatible. This lego cutlery set (lower case L) is a fork, knife and spoon that are half way between child and adult size (each piece is about size inches long). Good for kids in their lunch bags and great for adults for dessert at work. And if you have big hands, just add more legos to make the handle into whatever shape, size or construction you want. The flatware is stainless steel with handles that are made of silicone and the set is dishwasher safe.

Fred and Friends Snack and Stack


Vintage Kitchen Silverware Canvas Wall Art Spoon Knife Fork

silverware canvas artworkPerfect for a restaurant or kitchen at home, there is something about displaying artwork based on kitchen cutlery that always seem to fit well. It fits better than a display of “antique” appliances in my humble opinion.

The framed canvas artwork is 37 1/2 X 12 X 3/4 and is an usual art piece in that it is vintage as opposed to modern in it’s depiction of cutlery. Written on the bottom is “Le Couteau”, “Le Fourchette”, and “Le Cuillère” which are the french words for the respective flatware items. It’s currently on sale at a great price and I recommend ordering while you can.

 Vintage Kitchen Silverware Canvas Wall Art Spoon Knife Fork


Shape/Form designer cutlery by Lukas Peet


This is beautiful work, I’ll let the artist speak:

“A set of cutlery that embodies my personal conclusions of shape and form.

Achieved by the graphical two-dimensional shape of the top surface that allows the fluid three-dimensional form to hang from. While contrasting each other they ultimately find a complimenting balance as they influence one another.

Finished in sterling silver and Zirconia (technical ceramic) they relate to traditional tableware such as fine china and silverware.”

It is price on request because of limited production. He is looking for a producer/manufacture to be able to bring this product to the public.

More information at Lukas Peet Design website