Alice Waters and the Metal Egg Spoon

alice waters egg spoonChef Alice Waters of Berkeley, Calif. really enjoys cooking a egg over a fire in a hand-forged iron egg spoon. This is a rather specific piece of cutlery that requires on open fire. Perhaps a pizza oven would do but it’s made for the fire. She has had a blacksmith make these spoons available for sale at $250 each.

And it seems a lot of people have a lot to say about all of this. Not sure why it’s such a big deal but it has caused a bit of a kerfuffle. I think the concept is great and I’m sure it makes a great fire cooked egg. And I’d like to try it, but I’m not sure why all the fuss.

Check out the article at the NY Times and decide for yourself.



Fork Birds

Fork birds by Matt wilsonJust to be clear, I named them Fork Birds not the artist. And the artist is Matt Wilson from South-Carolina.

Such a simple concept using the old forks, knives and spoons and some recycled lumber. Yes a simple concept but so elegant and wondrous in it’s execution.  This flying flatware shows a creative eye for design and an innate understanding of the subjects. He does shrimp, fish and seahorses too!

Check out Matt’s Cutlery Arts on Instagram and Etsy 


How Cutlery is made!

how cutlery is made

Something a simple as a spoon takes a lot of thought, design and energy. I’m sure the fork and knife take effort as well and there are a lot of knife making videos out there. But what it takes to create flatware has always fascinated me.

So it was pretty interesting to discover a page on a manufacturers website about how their stamped cutlery is made. That company is Eternum and they are:

“Eternum is a Belgian company created in 1924 and specialized in the creation, production and sale of stainless steel cutlery and tableware.”

It’s interesting to read how cutlery has been created for years.

Learn about Cutlery Production at



Puzzle Cutlery

Flatware fun for all! This cutlery makes you solve a puzzle before you can use it to eat. And good luck getting it back together again. Sadly it’s a Kickstarter campaign but it sure looks like fun. And it’s looks even better on the table. Check out the video above.