Disturbing Double Spoon Rest

Double Spoon Rest

This is a spoon rest for two. Spoon rests are very handy for keeping cutlery from creating a total mess of your work top. It’s a fine flatware accessorey that isn’t a multi-tasker but still handy.

But this one is rather disturbing. It has numerous visual references to human anatomy that shouldn’t be stated out loud.

They are stainless steel so that’s nice.

Was happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen. Sort of.

TableCraft Double Spoon Rest from Amazon


What do you call this? A Spoodle?


Inquiring cutlery minds really want to know. Is that a ladel? Is this a spoon? What sort of kitchen utensil is it?

The most common we have heard is Spoodle. Which is ladel plus spoon. Make sense to us. What do you think?

And more importantly, what is it used for?


Eiffel Tower Cutlery

Eiffel Tower Cutlery

Cute, clever cutlery and quite the tourist souvenir. This Eiffel Tower fork is more of a thork (three tined fork) but let’s not quibble.

And I quote:

This unique FL cutlery lines was designed by Romain Gauthrot.

Based on our emblematic cutlery “Old Paris”, the FL cutlery offers a fascinating Eiffel Tower Paris fork as well as a Paris knife by embodying the spirit of the medieval sword. Both of them are made in Thiers (France), with original and unique traditional skills.

Available at Silodesign.com


Surveillance Cutlery. Security Flatware for the home.

Surveillance Cutlery. Security Flatware for the home.

These are trying times in the world. The government can’t be trusted. The banks are losing our data and money. Facebook is running the elections.

You can’t be to careful. And you can’t carry a knife in the UK. So it’s down to the lowly spoon to keep you safe. We are all forked.

As pictured above it’s recommended you use a Security Spoon to keep on eye on people who are keeping an eye on you. Cutlery has more uses than you thought didn’t it? Be vigilant my friends!