McDonald’s Cutlery idea: French Fries Fork Called “The Frork”

We haven’t talked about McDonald’s on this blog in years! On May the 4th this year they came out with what we are all still trying to understand if it’s a late April Fool’s joke. We think it’s a joke, we’ll see.

McDonald’s chef Michael Haracz says they came up with The Frork to show McDonald’s customers they’re willing to do “whatever it takes to help them enjoy every last bite.”

So we have the “Frork”, a special piece of flatware to hold your french fries so you can dip them in ketchup (I prefer mayonnaise). If it’s real it will be a collector’s item for the McDonald’s fans that is for sure.

Check out the video above and see if you think it’s real?


“Giro” – Twisted Cutlery from Italy

giro cutlery“Giro” is from the Italian word for “turn” and is the driving thought behind this concept cutlery from UNStudio.

This flatware with a twist in the design affects how the cutlery is turned in your hand when finding the best position for use.

From their site:

“In the Giro cutlery set a twist originates from the point where the handle transforms into blade and graduates along the length of the utensils. A three finger concept for the holding and balance of the cutlery has been adopted in the design. The weight of the cutlery transfers from the lifting position to the position when in use, thereby supporting and balancing the utensils in both situations.”

The Giro cutlery family will consist of the following items: Tablespoon, Fork, Knife, Dessert fork, Dessert knife, Pastry fork, Coffee spoon,Teaspoon, Serving Spoon, Serving fork, Salad set, and Cake server.

Sadly still a concept and not for sale.

Check out more photos and details at UNStudio


Does this Spoon make your food taste better?

best-spoonThis spoon is the Goûte, it is the result of studies “in search of the perfect spoon”. It is to replicate action of dipping it and licking your fingers.

The Goûte, is an interesting piece of flatware made in both glass and wood. It was created by Andreas Fabian, a professor at Bucks New University who has a PhD in Spoons and Spoonness (honestly, that is what it says). He is working with chef Charles Michel.

From their site :

Modelled after the finger, Goûte is a teardrop-shaped glass wand designed to eat creamy foods like peanut butter, Nutella, yogurt, or chocolate mousse.

This hand-crafted utensil enhances creaminess and sweetness perception, heightens the value of food and makes for a more mindful eating experience.

Cunning cutlery design or silly stick? You decide.

Check it out at Michel/Fabian


Making a Better Spoon with Gastrophysics

The folks over at BBC made this interesting little video about using the science of “gastrophyics” to create new cutlery. Not sure if gastrophyics is a real science, but this is a cool spoon. Now how about a new fork with magic never slip tines?