Making a Better Spoon with Gastrophysics

The folks over at BBC made this interesting little video about using the science of “gastrophyics” to create new cutlery. Not sure if gastrophyics is a real science, but this is a cool spoon. Now how about a new fork with magic never slip tines?


Extraterrestrials Leave a Giant Spoon on Mars!

ufo-hunters-think-theyve-found-a-giant-spoon-on-marsWow, that’s a clickbait title. But still, it’s an interesting photo and shows how if you are looking for cutlery then you can find it anywhere. Now if it was a fork or even spork that would be interesting interstellar flatware. Maybe this is where the missing spoons have been going?

To quote the article from the “Sun”:

ALIEN hunters have identified a “giant spoon” on Mars and claimed it’s evidence extraterrestrials once lived on the surface of the Red Planet.

The cutlery was spotted in images snapped by NASA’s Mars Rovers, prompting suggestions it was “probably left over from a lost civilisation”.

Um, I don’t think so. But still interesting.

Read the article at The Sun


Certine Flatware – Black Ceramic Cutlery


In the past we have talked about how there are concerns that stainless steel and especially silver in cutlery can affect the flavor of your food. Some people have gone so far as using gold plated flatware.

The restaurant Opus 10 is owned by David Muise, he and his business partner, Bill Todd, have designed a new line of ceramic flatware to address this.  The black flatware is called Certine is ergonomic, has a luster, doesn’t scratch or discolor and is dishwasher safe.

“Why couldn’t we have something and I didn’t know what that thing was. That’s why you need to have people because just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you can flush it out. What can we do to create a fork that doesn’t feel or taste like metal,” according to Bill Todd.

The teaspoon and salad fork have been replaced by a combination teaspoon-tablespoon and a fork with triangular ergonomic handles.

“Ideally we’d like to take over the table scape. Everything that you interact with with food that’s not made of ceramic currently, or rather metal, we’d like to be producing that. Serving spoons, serving dishes, gravy boats, you name it. We’d like to be producing a tough structural ceramic.” stated David Muise.

And in a surprising move, they are already available for sale on Amazon! This isn’t just a prototype. If someone can try it out, let us know what you think.

Certine 3-Piece Designer Ceramic Flatware Set- Fork, Knife, Spoon with Black Polymer Handle


Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool – Everyday Carry Cutlery

ka-bar-tactical-spork-toolWe love Everyday Carry Cutlery (ECC) here at The Cutlery Review. ECC isn’t a brand, it’s an attitude. It is the concept of always being prepared for a culinary challenge where ever you are.

And the Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool fills the need in all sorts of ways. What makes this spork tool by Ka-Bar different is that it is tactical. Usually that means applying some zombie killer green spray paint or a rainbow finish to a blade. But this fork, spoon combo has a rugged handle and an interesting knife inside.

This killer cutlery is 6.875 inches with a 2.5 inch serrated knife hidden in the handle. Perfect for cutting up steak or slicing open ration bags.  It’s dishwasher safe as it is made from Grilamid FWA, a high-strength, technical polymer. It’s food safe and UV resistant.

The perfect stocking stuffer for that adventurous person in your family.

Just don’t take it to the airport, I know it’s just plastic, by the FAA will take it away.

Ka-Bar Tactical Spork Tool