Skeleton Cutlery for Halloween – “Fatal Flatware”

skeleton cutleryStart planning for that Halloween party now and get your spooking skeleton flatware. This disposable plastic cutlery is 36 pieces in a set and includes 12 knives, 12 forks, and 12 spoons.

The fork, knife, and spoon have the coolest scarey skeleton bone handles. They are 5 3/4″ long and 1/2″ wide at widest point.

I guarantee your guests will be stealing this cutlery and to honest I’d buy extra for the take home goodie bags.

Skeleton Cutlery from Amazon



Fred and Friends Souper Action Figure Spoon!

Fred and Friends Souper Action FigureThe Tick is a super hero who’s battle cry was “Spoon!” and it seems his TV show might be coming back. Now this superhero piece of fun filled cutlery is not related but sure seems to be a lot of fun.

“Souper” from Fred and Friends has a fully posable body that is made of stainless steel and sonic sealed plastic (they use sound waves instead of glue to fuse it together) and is dishwasher safe.

I’m proud to say I avoided all the souper puns I could have made about this flatware. Therefore I believe I deserve this in my Xmas stocking 🙂

Fred and Friends Souper Action Figure


Royal Albert Old Country Roses Flatware Set with gold accents

Old Country Roses 65-Piece Flatware Set with goldTo me this is old school design in flatware. This 65-piece cutlery setting for 12 is intended to be paired with a Royal Albert table setting but most definitely is not required. The gold roses are what add that extra flair to the design of this cutlery. I love the look and the price is pretty good too. Made of 18/10 stainless steel that is dishwasher safe (word is that the gold accents hold up well) it includes a place fork, place knife, place spoon, salad fork and teaspoon.

 Old Country Roses 65-Piece Flatware Set