Valentine’s Day Cutlery

Valentine's Day Cutlery

It’s almost that time of year again to proclaim your love to the ones you love. And wouldn’t it be nice to start their day with this lovely flatware?

This cutlery set comes in a gorgeous rainbow finish on stainless steel. The set includes two 4 piece groups of short dessert spoons at 4.9 inches and long stirring spoons at 7 inches.

The designs are from a variety of of different flower patterns: rose, coreopsis,sakura, pansy, plum blossom, platycodon grandiflorum,sunflower and heart-shaped.

Rainbow Stainless Steel Flower & Heart Spoons from Amazon


Stone & Beam Traditional Stainless Steel Flatware Set (Silver with Royal Trim)

Stone & Beam Traditional Stainless Steel Flatware Set (Silver with Royal Trim)

So Amazon has their own in-house decor brand called Stone & Beam. So we thought we’d check it out and this cutlery set caught our eye.

It’s a great starter set for a new household and is very complete at a great price. It is made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel so it will stand up nicely. This is a full service for 12 people consisting of 12 dinner knives, spoons, forks, tea spoon, salad fork. The hostess set includes 1 each serving spoon and fork, butter knife, sugar spoon, and slotted spoon.

Something about the Royal Trim flatware seems very classical. Would make a great gift or even for setting up a restaurant.

Stone & Beam Traditional Stainless Steel Flatware from Amazon


Wooden Salsa Spoons

Wooden Salsa SpoonsWhat can I say that the picture doesn’t? They are small (roughly 6 inches long) wooden spoons that are sold for use with salsa but can be used for almost anything whether sauce, yogurt or whatever. They are very cheap and very handy.

This is versatile wooden flatware that is function over form.

Oh, and a bonus! They come with salsa recipes!

12 Wooden Salsa Spoons, Mexican Style with Salsa Recipes from Amazon


Black Friday Flatware Set by AOOSY

Black Flatware Set AOOSYBlack Friday seems to have quite a few deals in electronics and such, but our friend flatware always gets ignored. This black cutlery set from AOOSY is sort of Black Friday deal.

The AOOSY 20-piece Modern Matte Titanium Black Plated  set is made of dishwasher safe (w/non lemon or citrus scented detergent) 18/10 stainless steel. It is electroplated with titanium black , rust proof, high hardness, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, Phthalate-free, BPA-free durable and eco-friendly!

I love that they detail exactly what each piece of cutlery can be used for:

Dinner knife: can be used to cut any kind of cooked meat, pizza, cake, or bread.
Dinner fork : can be used to eat all kinds of pasta, noodles, or fruits.
Dinner spoon: can be used to eat rice, soup or stews.
Dessert Fork: can be used to eat all kinds of fruits, cake, tarts or pies.
Dessert spoon: can be used for stirring hot drinks, or eating ice cream, tarts, custards or tiramisu.

Now you know what with and how to use your flatware 🙂

Black Flatware Set by AOOSY from Amazon