This set gets lost in translation. The information on who made it and what it is called gets a little screwed up. So here is the details.

It is made by: Yamazaki Metal Industry or YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO Co. LTd.

This set is called: ZUION

Put that all together and it’s:

YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO 5 Piece Silverware Set Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Elegant Flatware Set with Forks, Spoons, Knife | Amaterasu Isejingu |- ZUION made in Japan

And it’s amazing looking. Their write up about it on Yamazakitableware.co.jp really tells the story:

The images of Grand Shrine of Ise transposed onto tableware.
It is a special model developed in commemoration of the construction of a new shrine and transfer of the enshrined artifacts from the old to the new. Five traditional companies collaborated in designing and crafting a complete set of stainless steel cutlery, hammered copperware, ceramics, lacquerware and fabrics. Our company not only produced the cutlery but led the coordination and unity among the five chosen makers. In 2013 we dedicated a complete tableware set each to The Hall for Special Prayer and The Main Sanctuary. The motif of the tableware set came from the view from the Uji Bridge in the Grand Shrine of Ise looking over the clean flowing waters of the Isuzugawa River. Most significantly, we played a part in passing down the highest level of Japanese craftsmanship to later generations.

The is cutlery of the highest order. This is fine flatware. It’s pricey but it’s Japanese design culture at it’s best.

Every time a guest at my home would comment on this cutlery I would quote to them:

The design based on the pure flow seen from the Uji of Ise-jinqu shrire expresses the elegance and wabi sabi of the Japanese.

YAMAZAKI KINZOKU KOGYO 5 Piece Silverware Set from Amazon


Tribal Cooking 20 Piece Stainless Steel Silverware Set

Tribal Cooking 20 Piece Stainless Steel Silverware Set

We’ve been in so many situations where you just need a good fork and nothing fancy. Sometimes cutlery doesn’t need to be bone handles and sterling silver. Sometimes it just needs to be a solid piece of stainless steel with a good edge. Times like in the summer at the cabin or in your first apartment. Sometimes we need a “that’s just fine enough flatware”.

We think this is that flatware. The Tribal Cooking 20 Piece Stainless Steel Silverware Set is a sold service for four for a really great price. Every set includes four dinner forks, salad forks, serving spoons, and tea spoons. They are made of dishwasher safe 18/10 stainless steel.

These are slightly larger cutlery and not a small set. It comes in a nice box for giftwrapping and giving to that new apartment dweller or cabin owner.

Tribal Cooking 20 Piece Stainless Steel Silverware Set from Amazon


Valentine’s Cutlery – I Forking Love You

I Forking Love You

I keep thinking the Valentine’s Day was an invention to sell cards. I have strong memories of all the cards bought and scribbled on and then put into classmates boxes. Some were clever with moving parts or Star Wars characters. I even have a set of Pez Valentine’s cards in my collection. But they all ended up in the garbage. It was in this recollection of cards collected in my past that I realized that we should have special flatware for Valentine’s Day.

So here are some wonderful forks. I forking love these. You would give this cutlery to someone you give a fork about. Someone you spoon at night.

Theses forking forks are engraved using high-quality laser engraving machines. This forking fork is made of stainless steel. It is approximately 8” in length, 0.8” in width and 0.05” in thickness or girth. And this fork comes wrapped in a delicate gift bag. Cunning cutlery indeed.

THREE HUMAN I Forking Love You Inspirational Funny Engraved Fork from Amazon

But wait! There’s more! How about a slightly more risque fork for your forking friend?

I love forking you

Stainless Steel Engraved Fork, (I love forking you) from Amazon


LIANYU 77-Piece Silverware Set with Steak Knives and Serving Utensils

LIANYU 77-Piece Silverware Set with Steak Knives and Serving Utensils

We heard you want a lot of cutlery, like a whole bunch of cutlery all at once. Like lots. If you want flatware forever in your house, this is the one big package of spoons, forks, knives and serving utensils, oh my!

LIANYU has been getting some attention lately for their good deals on cutlery and this one is just perfect if you are outfitting a kitchen from scratch.

This 77 piece set is service for 12 people including 12 each dinner knives, dinner forks, salad forks, dinner spoons, teaspoons and serrated steak knives, plus 5 serving pieces of serving spoon, slotted serving spoon, pie server, butter spreader and an ice cream spoon.

It’s dishwasher safe high quality stainless steel and pretty much everything you need for that new kitchen at home.

LIANYU 77-Piece Silverware Set with Steak Knives and Serving Utensils from Amazon